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Mark Mckenzie Sugar Art
Modeled Sugar Sculptures
Ice Sculptor: Mark Mckenzie now offers Colorfull Sugar Art for your Events,
as Another Product of Cool Way Ice Inc. Enjoy!!!
Ice Sculptor and Sugar Artist: Mark Mckenzie
Sugar Sculpture of Blue Butterflies on Sunflowers
35"x 22"x 10"
Sugar Art-Blue Butterflies on
Sugar Art Morning Glory Flower
Sugar Art-Morning
Glory Flowers
37"x 18"x 8"
Masquerade Sugar Art 1
Masquerade Sugar Art 2
Sugar Art-
Masquerade Masks 1
35"x 20"x 10"
35"x 20"x 12"
Sugar Art-
Masquerade Masks 2
Finally Something That Does Not Melt.
We Are Located In Queens, New York, USA.
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