The Final Price Of Your Ice Sculpture Includes,
Hand Crafted Ice Sculpture . Delivery . Set up . Drip Tray with tube attached . FREE Battery Operated Colored LED Lights.
We Make Custom Hand Crafted Ice Sculptures, Please Call And Describe The Sculpture You Want To Us And We Will
Give You A Reasonable Price.
The Price Of Each Sculpture May Vary According to the amount of Ice used to create it,
the time it takes to create and the complexity of the design.
Please provide a Bucket To catch the Water from the Drip Tray and a Skirted Table with preferably dark colored tablecloth to
show up the ice sculpture. The table should be STURDY or STRONG enough to hold 300-400lbs of ice Sculpture, most Folding
Banquet Table works well.
These Are The Disposable/Reusable Drip Trays We Use For Our Ice Sculptures.
Small-18" x 24" Drip Tray
Medium- 11" x 41" Drip Tray
Large- 21" x 41" Drip Tray
14" Diameter Table
Centerpiece Drip Tray, fits
one battery operated LED
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Ice Sculptor: Mark Mckenzie
Mobile: 954-643-6176 call or text
Fort Lauderdale, Florida.