All Ice Sculpture Prices Includes Delivery and Set up in a Drip Tray provided by us. Add FREE Battery Operated Colored LED Lights
to Tint your Sculptures, choose from: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Purple, Amber, Pink, Orange and Color Changing. We do not
provide a Table for the Sculpture or a Drain Bucket for the Water.
We make from shot glasses, beer mugs, sorbet dishes and table top centerpieces to single blocks, double blocks, multiple block
sculptures, ice bars, ice walls and more.
Let us know what you want and we will create it for you.
Please provide a Skirted Table with preferably dark colored tablecloth to show up the ice sculpture. The table should be STURDY or
STRONG enough to hold 300-400lbs of ice Sculpture, most Folding Banquet Tables works well. Also provide a 5 gallon drain Bucket or
any other leak proof container to catch the water from the Drip Tray provided by us.
The Ice Blocks we use to create our sculptures are crystal clear with the dimensions of 40" tall by 20" wide by 10" thick and weighs
approximately 300lbs. Some sculptures could be created bigger outside the above described original dimensions of the ice block by
cutting and joining the components according to the design requirements of the structural art form.
On-site Ice Carving Demonstrations ( Ice Carving Shows)
An ice sculpture will last six to nine hours in an ambient temperature of approximately 70 degrees fahrenheit before loosing the Basic
shape and form.
The final price of each sculpture vary according to the amount of ice used to create it, the time it takes to create and the complexity of the
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An ice carving demonstration or show includes us coming to your location with our tools, equipment and crystal clear ice blocks. We
unload our stuff, set up our studio carving area, perform, interact with the audience, display the finished sculpture and Break Down. If the
Ice Carving is going to be done outside we will provide and Tent to protect the ice sculpture from the ultra-voilet rays from the sun.
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Hand Crafted Ice Sculpture . Delivery . Set up . Drip
Tray with tube attached . FREE Battery Operated
Colored LED Lights.