bust of boris dispenser
martini glass dispenser
double channel birthday luge
double channel company logo luge
double sided butterfly luge
double channel ski jump luge
212 and lotame luges
baby bottle with banner luge
silver 901 tequilla luge
hollywood theme luge
luge with moonshot
30"x 40"x 10"
30"x 40"x 10"
30"x 40"x 10"
30"x 40"x 10"
30"x 40"x 10"
30"x 40"x 10"
40"x 20"x 10"
40"x 20"x 10"
40"x 20"x 10"
30"x 40"x 10"
Single Channel
Football Luge
College Mascot Luge
Happy Birthday Luge
Double Channel Luge
Double Channel Luge with
Company Logo
Hollywood Theme Luge
Silver 901 Tequilla Luge
Baby Bottle Luge with Banner
Ski-Jump Double
Channel Shot Luge
with Bottle Holders
Double Sided
Butterfly Luge
Bust of Boris Luge
beverage is dispensed
through his mouth
40"x 20"x 10"
Martini Glass Dispenser
Each Luge 50"x 40"x 10"
212 and Lotame Luges
55"x 65"x 10"
Moonshot Video
Productions with Luge
65"x 20"x 10"
Lighthouse Spiral
Channel Luge
Home Page
Welcome To Our Website
Custom Crafted Ice Sculptures
Luges & Dispensers
All Ice Sculpture Prices Includes Delivery and Set up in a Drip Tray provided by us. Add
FREE Colored LED Lights to Tint your Sculptures, choose from: Red, Blue, Green,
Yellow, White, Purple, Amber, Pink, Orange and Color Changing. We do not provide a
Table for the Sculpture or a Drain Bucket for the Water.
Height x Width x Depth
Click on Photos to Enlarge
Thanks For Your Interests in Our Hand Crafted Ice Sculptures
Ice Sculptor/Owner: Mark Mckenzie
Mobile: 718-374-4352 Call or Text
Email: coolwayice@yahoo.com
We Are Located In Queens New York
45"x 40"x 10"
Elephant Trunk Luge
elephant 2
We Accept Credit Cards
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