rattle ice bar
ice bar with patron bottle and luge
ice bar with monogram and bottleholder
martini glass ice bar
ice bar with logo bottle holder and luge
winter theme wedding ice bar
ice bar for fruit display
45"x 6 feet x 20"
45"x 6 feet x 20"
45"x 6 feet x 20"
45"x 6 feet x 20"
45"x 6 feet x 20"
45"x 6 feet x 20"
65"x 6 feet x 20"
Engagement Party Ice Bar with Shot
Luge and Patron Bottle
Ice Bar With Monogram and Bottle
Rocktoberfest Logo Ice Bar with
Luge and Bottle holders
Martini Glass Ice Bar
Winter Theme Wedding Ice Bar
Baby Shower Rattle Ice Bar with Photos
Ice Bar with 5 tier Fruit Platter
12 feet ice bar with small luge and bottle holder
45"x 12"feet x 20"
Ice Bar with Small Luge and Bottle Holders
ice bar
Ice Bar with Initials
45" tall x 6 feet wide x 20" deep
Ten Feet Ice Bar
45"x 10 feet x 20"
Ten FeetIce Bar With Company Logo
and  Two Luges
Ice Bars
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Ice Bar with Japanese Writing & Luge
45"x 6 feet x 20"
45"x 10 feet x 20"
Ice Bar With L Initial
6 ft. Ice Bar with Luge & Caviar Station