three tier ice platters
three tier ice platter 2
four tier platters
sunflower platters with banner
four tier ice platters
roccos catering hall logo with platters
two tier fruit platters with cross
open bible platter with praying hands
Cool Way Ice and Jah Jah Fruits works as partners to provide top quality Ice and Fruit Art combinations for your Events. See Fruit
Platters, Fruit Carving, Vegetable Floral Arrangements, Fruit Tables and more at
film reel with platter hollywood theme
directors chair platter hollywood theme
ice bar fruit display
five tier ice fruit platters
50"x 45"x 20"
60"x 45"x 20"
45"x 45"x 20"
25"x 25"x 20"
30"x 25"x 10"
50"x 60"x 20"
45"x 30"x 20"
30"x 45"x 20"
25"x 45"x 20"
50"x 20"x 15"
65"x 6ft. x 20"
30"x 45"x 20"
Rocc's Catering Hall Logo
with Two Tier Platters
Episcopal Cross with Two
Tier Platters
Praying Hands with Open
Bible Platters
Three Tier Platters
Frilled Edge Three Tier Platters
Sunflower Platters with Banner
Four Tier Platter
Four Tier Platters 2
Film Reel with Platters
Director's Chair Platter
Ice Bar with Fruit Display
Five Tier Fruit Platters
Hummingbird with Fruit Display
Hummingbird with
Flower and fruit Platters
65"x 72"x 20"
50th birthday with four tier fruit platters
Diamond Theme Sweet Sixteen Fruit Platter
60"x 45"x 20"
Sweet Sixteen Diamond
Theme with fruit platters
55"x 45"x 20"
50 with Four Tier
Fruit Platters
Diamond Sweet Sixteen with Four Tier Platters
Sixteen with
Diamond and Four
Tier Platters
70"x 45"x 20"
Wedding Theme Fuits and Ice Display
Love Birds with Heart & Platters 2
40"x 40"x 20"
Four Tier Platters with Interlocking Hearts
Interlocking Hearts with Four Tier
Fruit Display
55"x 40"x 20"
love Birds With Fruit Display
Love Birds with Heart &
40"x 40"x 20"
Baby Carriage with Fruit Display
Ice Sculpture 30"x 40"x 15"
80 with Fruit Display
40"x 40"x 20"
80 with Platters and Fruit Display
DJ Fatta Diamond 93.5fm
50"x 40"x 20"
DJ Fatta Diamond Birthday
Initial T with Three Tier Platters
50"x 40"x 15"
T with Three Tier Fruit
Young Versace
50"x 40"x 15"
Young Versace with Three Tier
Fruit Display
Home Page
Sharon with Fruit Towers
40"x 40"x 15"
45"x 40"x 20"
Prince Theme Baby Shower
50th Birthday with Fruit Display
50 with Platters and Fruit Display
50"x 40"x 20"
Baby Shower Ice and Fruits
Baby Shower with Photo
and Fruit Display
45"x 40"x 10"
Fruit Castle with Its a Boy
Fruit Castle with Its a Boy-
Fruit Salad inside the Castle Towers
65"x 40"x 20"
Sharon with Fruit Towers
Mom 75th with Fruits
45"x 40"x 20"
Mom 75th with Fruits
Sweet Sixteen Fruit Castle
Sweet Sixteen Fruit Castle
Fruit inside the Castle Towers
55"x 40"x 10"
Ice & Fruits
All Ice Sculpture Prices Includes Delivery and Set up in a Drip Tray provided by us. Add
FREE Colored LED Lights to Tint your Sculptures, choose from: Red, Blue, Green,
Yellow, White, Purple, Amber, Pink, Orange and Color Changing. We do not provide a
Table for the Sculpture or a Drain Bucket for the Water.
Height x Width x Depth
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We Accept Credit Cards
Ice Sculptor/Owner: Mark Mckenzie
Mobile: 718-374-4352 Call or Text
We Are Located In Queens New York
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Ice Sculptor Mark Mckenzie:
Mobile 718-374-4352 call or text
Baby Carriage with Fruit Display
diamond and diapers
Diamond and Diapers
Kissing Doves
Kissing Doves with Banner
Baby Carriage with Fruits
Our Abilities are not limited to the Sculptures Shown on this Website.
Call, Text or Email us with your Ideas and we will create them into melting memories.
Thanks For Your Interests in Our Hand Crafted Ice Sculptures
Ice Castle with Sixteen and Fruit Display
Sixteen with Name and Platter fo fruits
Snowflake with Two Tier Fruit Platters
Stiletto with 30 and Fruits
50"x 40"x 20"
40"x 25"x 20"
Baby Carriage with Fruit
55"x 40"x 10"
Ice Castle Sixteen and Fruit
Sixteen with Name and
Platters of Fruits
55"x 40"x 20"
40"x 40"x 20"
Snowflake with Two Tier
Platters of Fruits
Stiletto with 30 and Fruit
20"x 40"x 10"