bottle holders with shooting star
christmas tree
christmas tree with candles
colored ice christmas tree
double shooting star with holly and snowflake
giant snowflake
happy holidays
reindeer with sleigh of gifts
santa claus
shooting star
shooting star with snowflake on pillar
snow man
reindeer jumping through wreath
merry christmas with holly and candle holders
caroling angel
40"x 20"x 10"
40"x 20"x 10"
40"x 20"x 10"
55"x 40"x 10"
70"x 35"x 10"
50"x 40"x 10"
70"x 20"x 10"
50"x 40"x 10"
45"x 20"x 10"
50"x 30"x 30"
40"x 60"x 10"
40"x 40"x 10"
45"x 40"x 10"
55"x 45"x 10"
40"x 30"x 20"
40"x 20"x 10"
40"x 30"x 15"
Shooting Star with
Bottle Holder
Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree
with Candles
Colored Christmas Tree
Double Shooting Star
with Snowflake and Holly
Shooting Star
Shooting Stars with
Snowflake on Pillar
Giant Snowflake
Snowflakes with
Season's Greetings
Reindeer Jumping
Through Wreath
Reindeer with Sleigh of Gifts
Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas with Holly
and Candle Holders
Caroling Angel
Santa Claus
Snow Man
Giant Snowflake Ice Sculpture
Giant Snowflake 2
45"x 40"x 10"
Click on Photos to Enlarge, Height x Width x Depth
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